Friday 26 June 2009

Creative Commons Ireland in the Irish Times

See this article by Karlin Lillington of the Irish Times :

Free and easy way to online licensing enters the mainstream
26 June 2009


[P]erhaps the most obvious sign of just how mainstream Creative Commons has become (after emerging from its libertarian, academic roots at Stanford University) is that the Obama administration uses it for licensing content on the official White House website, It was also used for, the Obama-Biden transition team website.

Feedback in these final stages is again, invited from the Irish public. More information is available at, where anyone can subscribe to the discussion list, view the current copy of the draft, and read what's described as an "English explanation of substantive legal changes" between drafts.

Friday 5 June 2009

Draft Irish CC Licence available for public discussion

The draft of CC BY-NC-SA adapted to Irish law is now in public discussion. The public discussion is a key part of Creative Commons’ license porting project. It is an opportunity for you, content creators and licence users, to engage in the drafting process and give your input in this collaborative effort. We warmly invite you to join CC Ireland’s discussion list and share your comments with local and international legal experts.

See also this posting on the Creative Commons News blog.

Thursday 19 February 2009

News Update February 2009

The latest draft of the Creative Commons Ireland licence is being discussed with Creative Commons and will shortly be published here for public consultation.